The most powerful prayer you’ll ever pray


“If this is you, if you would like to start the most incredible journey ever, then it would be my honour to lead you in the most powerful prayer you’ll ever pray.”

I was at a large worship event about two weeks ago – an awe-inspiring, tear-drawing time of standing in absolute reverence at the bigness of who God is and what a profound experience it is when thousands worship together in unity. For most of the two hours I stood there I didn’t sing because each time I’d choke on my own unworthiness and stutter when struck by the holiness of God and how far I fall short and how He is still so gracious to love me.

A way into the evening one of the musos (also the pastor) took lead mic and spoke of the life that is found in Jesus, of the promise and the hope that we hold onto in Him. He spoke of truth and of forgiveness and redemption for sin; he spoke of victory and Spirit and of how we can come to know Him who knew us before the beginning of time. An altar call.

At one point he said those words: then it would be my honour to lead you in the most powerful prayer you’ll ever pray.” I stopped. Considered. Pondered. Wondered. Wavered.

I’m not convinced. I’m open to the fact that I may be wrong in my disbelief here, but I’m still not convinced. What is the most powerful prayer you’ll ever pray? I’m not sure. Is there such a thing? I don’t know.

I understand (as much as my human kind) a fraction of the ginormous miracle it is that Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice to atone for our fall. I understand that when accepting Jesus it is the first  acknowledgement of one’s own sinfulness and the first admittance of needing a Saviour. I understand that for each person it is the start of a journey so wild they can’t begin to comprehend the entirety of it. I understand that as soon as we ask for Christ’s life in place of our own we stand clean before God.

I feel though that his statement near-nullified the power of prayer and the working of God’s Spirit through prayer. What if God should choose to raise someone to life because of one of your prayers? What about praying for healing? What about leading someone else to Christ – that prayer? What about asking for forgiveness each day? Are they less powerful?

I’m not convinced. I understand what it was that he was trying to say – the message and truth he knows in his heart, but I’m still not convinced.

Think about it. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Most powerful prayer or not? Maybe that’s not even the right question.


12 thoughts on “The most powerful prayer you’ll ever pray

    1. I liked the image of bowing – hadn’t thought it through deeply at all. Also liked the openness of the picture, it’s what looks like a sacred moment. In hindsight, perhaps not the best choice. Your take?

      1. I like it. It caught my eye, because I am a muslim. I love the salat and all that goes along with it. At that moment of bowing or rukoo a muslim is uttering “glorified is my Lord, the almighty”.

      2. What then among Muslims is the most powerful prayer you’re able to pray? If there is such a thing… like I’ve discussed here…

  1. I would still say that it is the most powerful prayer ever prayed, because by it we receive new life and the fullness of God.
    Colossians 2:9-10 “For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness.”
    Through new life we have resurrection (an undoubtedly powerful thing) of our Spirit and holiness (which becomes a more powerful truth the more we think about it). And eternity.
    Through the fullness of God, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we have the ability to perform other powerful miracles, and receive the Spiritual Gifts, but all these come from the deity in us which we recieve in salvation. In essence, the core of all spiritual power in our lives stems from the cross. Raising someone from the dead is not powerful in itself, the fact that we can wield the Holy Spirit through salvation is.

  2. maybe it’s just a semantic thing – well written blog though, your way with words is mesmerising and captivating – keep on… most important decision you make as everyone following it will flow from that initial one and so as the prayer is the outflowing of that decision i would say you can definitely argue that there is truth to his statement, but would also suggest that it really doesn’t matter to the extent of needing to be proved one way or the other…

    i would however [okay as i’m writing i’m realising i am disagreeing with myself a little’ish] suggest that one of the biggest failings in the church is the idea that that ‘most important prayer’ is a once off deal whereas the reality of ‘i am yours’ which in essence is what the prayer is about, is the same prayer that needs to be prayed every single morning i wake up… i am yours today, again…

    luke 9.23 – the taking up the cross DAILY…

    so yes, it’s the most important prayer
    but no it’s not the most important prayer because today i need to pray that same prayer again
    and tomorrow…

    great writing and thankx for the thort-provokingness, think i might write a piece on this

    love brett fish

    1. Well said sir 🙂 I’m also still back and forth always. It is ongoing as you say and that’s what is the most powerful thing.
      Write away, and thanks for reading.

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