I can write | Miss Scarlet with the candlestick in the library

miss scarlet with the candlestick in the library

When I write, I can be anywhere I want. In fact, I can do anything I want while writing too. The only trick is to be completely engaged in where I am or what I’m doing, and still produce good work. I’m currently freelancing (independently contracted, as some know it) and it’s the best! Here’s why:

I can write:

  • on the couch,
  • while drinking Milo,
  • watching TV or series,
  • in bed,
  • at the pool,
  • eating cereal,
  • in a bikini,
  • under a blanket,
  • outside,
  • inside,
  • on the floor,
  • with a pencil or by typing,
  • listening to music,
  • any time I want,
  • tomorrow,
  • at the kitchen counter,
  • in a restaurant,
  • and send texts without getting in trouble,
  • and Facebook or Tweet,
  • in the bathroom,
  • and read a novel simultaneously,
  • for the price I want,
  • only the projects I choose to write for,
  • at midnight,
  • and hang out with friends,
  • in my own style,
  • with a Mexican hat on,
  • at the piano,
  • with my eyes closed (I’m that good),
  • munching on chips,
  • by candlelight,
  • poetry,
  • as much as I want,
  • as little as I want,
  • in the rain,
  • in my car,
  • in parking lots,
  • eating ice cream,
  • backwards,
  • upside-down,
  • drinking wine (clients don’t have to know),
  • however/wherever/whenever I want.

Where, when, how do you write?


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