10 things they don’t tell you

I They don’t tell you how undoing it is to love a body that is slowly killing itself. II They don’t tell you that grief will not just break your heart; it’ll make every bone and joint ache, crush your ribs, make your hands shake. III They don’t tell you how much you’ll hate breathing... Continue Reading →

This envelope is a love letter for you

My fingers will never forget just where to place each corner, kissing another, when I close my love letters for you. Just how I'll never forget the feel of your skin as I kiss each part and we fold into each other. As if by closing in closer and closer we'll keep the world out,... Continue Reading →

Smooth liquid emotion

I am whiskey breath,distilled golden sadnesstrying to drink my shadow under the table.I hide in the liquid - like a cut that stops bleedingwhen you run it under water.But I know it's not sustainable.But I know it's easier than feelinglike feeling at all.But I am not always steeped in high proof,one ledge from shattering.I live... Continue Reading →

Predator territory

i have marked my own body as my own territory with the steel frame of a lion on my shoulder with “courage” across the string of muscles leading to my fist with a gun on my forearm stretching out like my fingers when I reach for the trigger and still the predators come they hide... Continue Reading →

Ask the angels to sing me to sleep

Pray for me. To your pagan gods and restless saints, weary from the moving of your lips. Sacrifice your animals, your food, your children. Sprinkle blood like sewing seeds - carefully and everywhere. Pray for me. Chant, dance, medicate. Call upon your ancestors as your feet make clouds in the dust. Let them intercede on... Continue Reading →

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