These secrets too heavy to bury or keep

These secrets are heavy. Heavy enough to sink without the fear of them coming up again. Heavy enough to sink with.


It will happen when you least expect it

Welcome to midnight. Welcome to 3am, thoughts ticking to the time of others’ sin. Welcome to nightlife. No sleep, daydream, repeat. Walk through it like a haze - eyes wide open, cautious, hands out, praying you’ll be ok. You’ll be ok. If you can ignore the lies, those awful lies. The ones that keep you... Continue Reading →

I love the bones of you

She loves all the hells out of me. I’ve traded my dark hells for her hands, my heartache for her skin. She is my dungeon dragon queen. She loves the bones of me. I am the skeleton in the closet with doors pulled closed. She is the light through the cracks pushing in. She loves... Continue Reading →

I promise only me

I promise to give you all my paper cranes and never to fly away. I promise to fold my hands around all your creases and spaces of skin printed with goosebumps when I touch you there. I promise you only true stories of death and glory and titles that make your spine tingle. I promise... Continue Reading →

Exit wound for a bullet

This is the sound your mouth makes in the time it takes you to work out if the bullet has left your body yet. I can tell you it might be years you’ll breathe like this - a slow, raspy intake trying to grasp the fact that you’ve been shot. There’s no going back or... Continue Reading →

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