I am not afraid to command the devil

I am not my monster. I am not a gift of violence from fists my ancestors couldn't hide. I am not ashamed of my demons. I am not afraid to command the devil to do his darkest work. I am not defeated. I am not the soldier with a sword in his side. I am... Continue Reading →

the gods have left the building for good

the gods have left the building. they walked out with all holiness when our fathers walked in with the devil. there is no divine left here. the womxn you called angels have been reduced to dust. the gods have left the building. we are left with burning bodies and burning temples. there are simple prayers... Continue Reading →

This is who I am: a short story

50 years ago, there was a riot between police and people in the NY LGBTQ+ community outside Stonewall Inn. Beer cans & bricks were thrown at cops, rubbish bags were set alight, protestors set up barricades, drag queens sang songs in defiance. Six years ago, there was a riot between me and the people who I... Continue Reading →

A breakup poem, circa 2016

I’m already packing up parts of myself for you to put away. I knew it would be easier this way, for both of us. Less mess left lying around for others to see or step on. Less for you to do to make sure there’s no trace of me. I am tired. So tired of... Continue Reading →

I love the bones of you

She loves all the hells out of me. I’ve traded my dark hells for her hands, my heartache for her skin. She is my dungeon dragon queen. She loves the bones of me. I am the skeleton in the closet with doors pulled closed. She is the light through the cracks pushing in. She loves... Continue Reading →


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