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This band is ripping up the Jozi/Pretoria music scene with a fury and ferocity that cannot be tamed. Allow me to introduce: FistFight. They are Paul (keys, vox, electric), Jojo (vox), Clive (bass), andĀ Jakes (electric). These guys live and breathe music – you can’t help but move when they begin to rock.

There music is described as a little Afro Pop, a little Swing, a whole bunch of Rock, and then some indefinables in between.

They’ve just released a single – “Hurt”; go give it a listen and click the “Buy Now” button.

Make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook too:

FistFight FacebookFistFight Twitter

“Jozi love is about the face to face. FistFight is itching to get in your face, hoping to hook up with you at our next gig!”

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